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Discover how to prepare and sell a luxury home with The Luxury Home Selling Guide. Over 60+ action tips and strategies in the guide help you to focus on important points in luxury selling. See three examples of action tips and strategies. You will receive a twenty-six page PDF. Bonus you can also grab a free companion workbook when you purchase the Guide! ​

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3 Strategy Examples  

Identify the unique qualities of the luxury home - luxury homes are rarely identical.


Examples of uniqueness often include items such as an exceptional address, amount of land, designer kitchen, large bathrooms, historical and/or affluent amenities.  

Advertise the property as an experience vs. as a commodity.


Focus on the specific types of media used by your buyers to gain their attention.


The Internet and print venues are powerful tools for marketing to potential buyers (MLS, real estate internet marketplaces, magazines...



Open Houses can help generate interest, you never know where your next luxury buyer may come from.


Pass on a public Open House and have a Broker's Tour for all local agents and/or two Open House events..


Open Houses, one for luxury agents and brokers and the other for neighbors and potential buyers Make these two Open Houses "events."

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What Makes a Luxury Home a "Luxury Home"
5 Ways to Pre-Qualify a Luxury Home Buyer

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7 Ways to Stage a Luxury Residence

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